Thursday, January 19, 2012

Speech therapy and Adaptive P.E

This week I want to talk about the benefits of preschool and going to a public/private school.As I mentioned earlier before I started school I couldn't speak,although I had figured out how to use "sign language",not asl but it was a that I could  communicate with my parents and sister.The problem was noone else knew what I meant,and it wasn't going help me in life at all.After being enrolled in a government paid I went from not knowing how to speak and "signing" to no longer using that method and getting started on a 10 year program to get myself to a point where people can usually understand me,and something that was only stopped because I was given a option to stay in it or not.I decided to get out of so I could stay in my classes,but that's something I regret.They also did alot when it came to helping me to be able to use my hands,something I've always and probably always will struggle with.Not only did they worked with this problem at school but they also recommended presents to my parents around christmas time,toys that would help me be able to develop my motor skills when it came to my hands (for example,legos and mr.potato head).

In elementary school I continued getting speech therapy until high school when it was also getting in my way of classes.Among other things they took me out of class for,most I can't remember what for I was in Adaptive P.E for a few years started in the 5th grade.This program is used to catch up "disabled" kids to the point where they'll be able to keep up with other kids the regular P.E class.Several placement options are available for adaptive P.E that include but isn't limited to a seperate class for kids who need it, general P.E with a younger class, in a small group or one on one,or at home.The method the school district I did was one on one or with a group of two or three kids.I'm thankful that they did it this way because any other way would have been embarrassing for me then and thinking about it later.My adaptive P.E teacher not only taught me alot of skills that I still use,but he was also a big part in helping me learn to tie my shoes,if it wasn't for him I would have gone into middle school without knowing how.I also remember how he treated me,in a way where he treated me like I was a normal kid,that's something that didn't happen much and even worse it's something that happens even less now.

Below are links to the preschool I that helped me,and have been helping other low-income kids and many with special needs for 50 years.There's also a links for a better explanation of the programs I was in.Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Tim, this is WONDERFUL !!! .... I know a little more about the person who is my friend with hydrocephalus !! ..... I hope you do wirte a Book !! .... I could say I know an Autor !!!!