Monday, August 13, 2012

personal experience with P.E and a disability

I've still been working a lot lately,and for the last several weeks I've been working six days a week.So I haven't had time to write as I would when it's not "melon season".This week I'm going to talk about my personal experiences when it comes to physical education in elementary school,and compared to other's experiences.When my shunt was placed,along with malfunction symptoms my neurosurgeon told my parents that I wasn't allowed to play contact sports.The reason behind this is that even with a helmet it may have caused damage to my shunt.I didn't feel left out because I had no interest in sports anyway,and my siblings never played sports either.The only time I really felt left out was when my friends were playing,and I had it sit out and just watch instead.

Until my "hydro peeps" started finding me on facebook I never put to really thought about how my physical education teachers treated me,more the teacher I had for 5 years in elementary school than anyone else.I learned quickly than others living with the same condition as kids either won't told to not play contact sports at all,or even were told to sit out everyday.However most of the people that have told me that they need to sit out all together grew up in the sixties and seventies,the first generation after they came out with effective treatment.So very little was known about the condition,so people were scared to let kids with the condition do as much as they can now.

My physical education teacher had strict rules about contact sports.I assume they were for the safety of all the kids,but they made me be able to play the sports with everyone else,instead of having to sit out.The few times there weren't "no contact" rules she made it a option for anyone who wanted to,to sit out.There were sports that I was really bad at because of my depth perception and my ankles but when she could she would put me in a position or have someone help me.

There's one thing that did happen however that I didn't really understand at the time,but I've had problems getting over it since I figured out what people really think of me.My ankles caused me to always be the slowest runner so I didn't expect to be included in the track and field program they had my last year of elementary school.So I was really surprised when they had me pick up my shirt and told me I was going.They never explained to me why I was going until I we were there,and didn't really explain it when we there either.They never told my parents why I was going either,because if they did I know they would have disapproved and stopped the school from taking me.They had me run in a race with other kids with physical and mental disabilities.It may not sound like a bad thing but most if not all the other kids were a lot "worse of" than I was and am.The people who had me go probably didn't think much of it,and if they just wanted me to included me in it than I'm glad they thought of me.but if it wasn't than it hurts that they thought of me that way,and that it may have made my classmates think of me that way if they hadn't already.

Thanks for reading,and I'm hoping to start writing more on a regular basis soon.

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