Saturday, June 29, 2013

I didn't write this yesterday because I was busy yesterday,and didn't have time to write before I went to bed. I acquired a domain name a couple years ago,and tried to get it up away but it I was having a lot of trouble with it at the time but I still owned the domain name. About six months ago I started to try to work on it again. I tried using WordPress but I was getting more spam than anything so I took it back down for what I meant to be a short amount of time. I started to try out different web builders that are available for the web hosting company that I'm using,but nothing was working for me. I could either not figure out how to use it,or it wouldn't work with my site. So I decided to take a break,and that break ended up lasting a few months before I didn't want to go back just to get confused and give up again. Then while looking at other people's WordPress pages I realized that there was a plugin that disables all comments. So I went back and set up the site using WordPress in a similar way of how it was up last time.

The domain name was the idea and originally owned by my friend,Phil. Phil started the site in 2009,and that was about the same time that we met. He is one of many people that I met through at the time,who also has Hydrocephalus. Our journeys with Hydrocephalus during the last several years has been pretty different. But our Childhood experience with Hydrocephalus seems to be pretty similar,including a lack of surgeries.

For the time I'm using the site as a reference site. For now it's mostly links to other sites and organizations that you isn't easily found on Google or any other search engines. I plan on adding information about Hydrocephalus soon, instead of using just links. I'm not sure what else I'm going to be doing with the site right now, but I do plan on adding more. I'm also looking for advice from others, and suggestions for what else to add to the site. Thanks for reading.

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