Friday, August 9, 2013

How I found out I have no sense of direction..

Some of the effects of Hydrocephalus are spatial, which means relating to space. This includes poor hand eye coordination and balance issues. But it also makes us directionally challenged. We tend to have a hard time telling where North,South,East and West are. I understand that there are many other people without Hydro with this problem. But it's something that just happens to be a lot more common with us. You also may disagree, and I understand if you. However it's not something that I would consider fact without legit sources.

I have plenty of stories that has to do with me getting lost, including getting lost on my friend's street every single time I attempt to walk to his house after knowing him for 16 years. The one I'm gonna talk about is my first one, and the one that is definitely talked about the most. I may have gotten lost before on a field trip before this if I remember right. But we were indoors and as soon as they realized I was gone they went and found me pretty fast, even if it seemed like a long time to me at the time. This was also the school year I discovered how easily I could lose school supplies and jackets.

It was three days into the school year, and it was my teacher's first year teaching. I don't remember who it was but a classmate asked me if I could walk her home. She didn't know that I had to wait for my mom, and as far as I know she still doesn't know. I'm sure she lived close to the school, probably right behind the school. I lived across the street from the school so I figured that as long as I could find the school again I would be fine. I remember starting to walk the wrong direction at one point because I remember walking past the neighborhood park and then turning back around when I realized going the wrong way. Considering where they ended up finding me, I know that I must have started walking the right way but then I missed my turn. After they realized I had left the campus alone my Principal and one of the teachers went to go find me. They found me walking down a street that goes along the side of school but I had gotten about half a block down the street after missing my turn. I was walking toward a main street. I'm not sure what would have happened at that point,but I know I would have at least attempted to changed direction again.

Back at the school I decided not to tell them why I left. I would rather get myself into even more trouble, then get her in trouble for it too. I told my parents about why I left the campus a few years ago but if anyone that was involved in it is reading this,it's probably the first time they've found out why. The result was not being able to walk home alone for the rest of Elementary school, or at least for most of it. It's something that I usually bring up once in a while, and apparently it's something that my teacher at that year brings up very often. Thanks for reading :)

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