Friday, December 27, 2013

Johnny Ramone's brain surgery

I'm going to try to start writing about celebrities with Hydrocephalus, or celebrities who has had brain surgery at some point. These tend to be my most popular topics and I really enjoy writing them. I have a couple Hydrocephalus ones in mind right now but I would have to more research into it, instead of putting it off until it's time to write. If I'm writing about a celebrity that actually has Hydrocephalus I'll mention it in the title. Although it's always possible with a brain injury it doesn't always happen, and I have no proof with it from what I've read about Johnny.

Johnny Ramone is the stage name of Johnny Cummings who played guitar for the American punk rock band Ramones for 22 years, starting from the time they started playing in 1974 until they broke up in 1996. Johnny and his band mates went by the name surname Ramone, which was inspired by Paul McCartney going by Paul Ramone for a short period of time before they became famous in the United States. Johnny Ramone passed away almost a decade ago from Prostate cancer. So I want to make it clear that even if I'm writing about someone who has passed away that his death and the brain surgery is not connected.

I found out about his brain surgery within the last couple of weeks and decided to look more into it. I was having a hard time finding information on it. The information that I kept on coming across was that he had gotten into a fight with a member of another punk band (Seth Macklin of Sub Zero). He was found unconscious and ended up needing 4 hours of delicate brain surgery.  The best article I found what the start of Chapter 5 of his autobiography. In it he said that he had been dropped off in front of his old apartment where his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Whitney (also known as Roxy Ramone) was sitting outside with a guy he didn't recognize. When he confronted her he ended up getting into a fight with the guy that was outside with Cynthia. He didn't remember getting into a fight, just waking up in a hospital, not knowing where he was. According to others who saw the fight Johnny had been kicked in the head multiple times. The result was a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain, which the doctors didn't think he would survive. Johnny didn't think that he had suffered any brain damage but others saw a difference in him. It did however make him more cautious of head injuries.

He had a take it easy for a while and it took a few months before he was able to start performing again. The next album that the Ramones released was inspired by what had happened, and was called "Too Tough to Die". He had a shaved head when he came back to perform which is why he wore a hat for a while. Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finishing the second year of writing my blog and looking for subject ideas

On the 12th of next month it will be two years since I started this blog. I had trouble for the first year trying to post on a regular basis. At the very start I was trying to write twice a week, but within the first couple months I switched to once a week and it worked pretty well for a while. I ended stopping completely for a couple months and started up again about a year ago. I started up at every other Friday and more often than not that has worked well. It wasn't until the last couple months that I've started to have a hard time coming up with topics again. Some topics I'm picking especially my series of "Media views on Hydrocephalus" takes more time researching for the subject than actually writing it. The problem is I usually don't have time to do both when I get off work on Thursday and Friday nights. I'm going to at least try to start researching at an earlier time in the week so I'll be finished by the time Friday comes around. I still intend to continue writing this blog for as long as I can, even if it means a lot more guest blogs and cutting back how often I write again.

 I've stumbled across a lot of information researching topics that I probably wouldn't have found in any other way. I've met one of my main goals of writing this blog, and that was to help others. I've been able to communicate with some of them through social media so I'm sure there are others that haven't contacted me.

I'm asking for ideas on what to write about, so if you would like me to write about a certain subject rather or not I've covered it already please contact me. I've been trying to keep up with my e-mail so if you don't know me or don't have a Facebook, you can contact me there with ideas. If you do know me, which would probably be the case because I get a lot more views from Facebook and Twitter than searches from please contact with me through social media. I'm also going to start asking more people to guest blog, so if you're interested in doing that rather or not you have your own idea for a subject please contact me in the same way. Thanks for reading :)