Friday, May 31, 2013

Media views on Hydrocephalus: Zach Roloff

If this is the first time reading one of your posts or haven't on a regular basis, my main purpose of writing is to talk about Hydrocephalus related topics that aren't easily found online. This can range from my own day to day experiences but also includes topics that aren't necessarily about Hydrocephalus, but about other neurological problems and brain surgery. Today I'm talking about a topic that I've written about several times already. I've been writing about people who are in the public eye (including film characters).

This week I'm writing about one of the first celebrities that I ever heard about having Hydrocephalus. Most of the public figures with Hydrocephalus that I've heard about has only been diagnosed during the last couple of years, or I didn't hear about it until the last few years.

Zach Roloff along with his family, are the stars of the Reality Television show "Little People,Big World". Zach along with his parents have Dwarfism, and the show focuses on living life day to day with it. Zach also has Hydrocephalus which was mentioned during a few of episodes during the first season, when he had to have a shunt revision.

Something that I noticed at that and really appreciate now is that not only was it mentioned on the show but his Dad was able to talk more about it. That's something that is normally not mentioned by other public figures who have Hydrocephalus normally wont or cant mention. If it is mentioned than usually there are few details mentioned,or wrong information is given.

I posted a few links below providing some more information, and a clip from one of the episodes where his Shunt and Hydrocephalus is mentioned.Thanks for reading :)

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