Monday, April 27, 2015

Drinking and Hydrocephalus

This subject is different for Hydrocephalus and alcohol and a lot of medications don't mix and if you have a seizure disorder drinking should be done cautiously if at all. This is from my knowledge and so it should be taken only as my opinion, but many if not most doctors will say they the same. I use to a lot heavier than I do now and before I had problems with my shunt I would barely feel it the next morning. As my health got worse I also started to drink even more, which I realize was a pretty bad idea. I would feel more of a hangover and notice it colliding with my shunt and Hydrocephalus so I stopped. I drink a little stronger liquor but very moderately, so most of the time when I drink I'll have a few beers instead. My neurosurgeon and other doctors know about it and I don't really get drunk or get hangovers considering I'm sticking to one thing. Others get hangovers that are similar to shunt malfunction symptoms which is normal for people without Hydrocephalus but is something that can be really scary for us. It can react with the "Hydrocephalus" itself as in cerebral fluid and our shunts, sometimes in bad ways but not always. This just always depend on the person. It's a good idea to drink in some kind of moderation, but that also applies to most people. My point is that if someone younger or is afraid to drink but wants to Hydrocephalus doesn't always mean not drinking.

Friday, April 3, 2015

(Guest blog by Mikayla) Weather and shunts

(Thank you for this opportunity.)

In regards to the shunt putting up a fight when the  weather changes, its plain and simple, your shunt is going to give you grief at one point or another no matter what the weather is doing.

I myself find that when it is really hot I have the most trouble and I tend to get reasonably troublesome headaches, I have also found that really cold temperatures bring on some pretty nasty headaches as well.

I can't really speak for anyone, I can't tell anyone what the weather may or may not do... I can however, and with pride might I add, say that no one is alone with this, maybe under other circumstances you are, but hydrocephalus is something we can work through together, and the weather, be it; rain, sun, snow or hail, can't stop us in our journey to be unique in a way that only few understand.