Thursday, February 23, 2012

hydrocephalus assoc teacher's guide

I've already posted about how hydrocephalus has effected me in many ways.All these ways were unknown to me,my parents,and my teachers.I think it would have made the school experience for us (not just me) if more info was out there.Hydrocephalus Association has made a teacher's guide to it,I don't know who it gets sent to but it's out there now.I don't know when I'll be able to do it but I'll at least but at some point I'll like to help get this out to schools,maybe provided with more info.Below is the link for it,and thanks for reading..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

why I haven't been writing as much

Sorry for the lack of blog entries after the last few weeks,I haven't been writing alot because of the state of mind I was in,which was a bad one.I've been learning alot of hydrocephalus lately and also been understanding more of how people think of me,for the first time since I was a teenager.Thinking of my future dealing with the both was really making me feel down.When I'm feeling down tends to be the best inspiration,and I hate that but it always helps writing about it.During the last week I'm starting to finding peace in it and being able to know about it but not constantly think about.Dealing with how people think of me is a whole different problem and will take a while to fix that.There's also a couple things that will help with that and both are things I've always struggled with,I can blame both on hydrocephalus but I'm not gonna get too much into it.One is communication and that's hard for me because I've been self conscious about my speech since I was a little kid.I don't mean to sound preachy,but the other is getting closer to God again.It's been quite a journey and I've been backsliding since Junior high,sometimes worse than other times and lately it's been worse.No matter what's going on it always seems easier with him,so if you want have the need for something better just let me know and I'll let you know everything I know.Sorry if you believe the opposite or you really don't want to see this on my blog but it's something that needed to be said.

So while I continue to be at peace with this,it does mean that I'll probably not be writing every other week,for now it's something that I'll be posting whenever I can think of something to say and I'll try to figure out how often this will be so it can be on a regular basis again.Thank you for my patience with me even if I said I'll be writing twice a week.If you read this,and don't have facebook or twitter than I can send you a e-mail everytime I write something,just e-mail me at, and thanks for reading :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

ankle surgery in clubfooted children

Sorry I haven't blogged this week,I was sick so I couldn't make it to the library..

I'm gonna try to continue on talking about side effects of brain damage hopefully on Thursday.Today I'm going to talk about a surgery that my Dad got me out of as a kid,before this past week it's something I knew very little about.What I knew or at least understood was that because my wasn't straight,and the reason for that had something to do with Hydrocephalus but I never knew how.I also knew that the surgery would have involved shattering my ankles,putting in screws (or pins) so they would grow straight.

I found out this week that the correct term for him it "clubfooted",and it's more common with kids with Spina bifida,Cerebal palsy and dandy-walker syndrome.Two of the three (dws amd sb) are common causes of Hydrocephalus but that I know it's unknown how I developed it. I also learned this week that the cause is Abnormal muscle pull.I haven't had the chance to really look up what abnormal muscle pull exactly but it's better than not knowing anything.Some more info I've found out about the surgery so far is that in the early years of the surgery they didn't use screws or pins,they would just shatter the kid's ankles and then put a cast on it,and that even if it's been controversial (for obvious reasons) the entire time it's been around (50 years) they have yet to come up with a better way of fixing the problem so the surgery is still be performed currently.I also found it out it could corrected by braces,and the surgery should be a last resort.Also that it's common the problem will come back.

Below is a link for more info about the surgery,and thanks for reading.