Friday, July 13, 2012

Media views on Hydrocephalus:Jason Voorhees

While coming up with new topics I've decided to while still post about Hydrocephalus and neurological disorders in general,I've decided to start having people do guest blogs and write more about media and social views on Hydrocephalus.

Considering it's Friday the 13th,I'm going to write some about Jason Voorhees.If you don't know already,he's the serial killer in the majority of the Friday the 13th movies,with the exception of the first.It's rather hard to say if it gives a negative or bad impression because the movie is set in the days before shunts.

In the movie his untreated Hydrocephalus has caused him to be mentally retarded and disfigured.This  caused him to be picked on by the other kids at camp,where his mom was a cook.The outcome ended up being Jason drowning while the camp counselors were having sex.The rest of the movies had to do with Jason and his mom getting revenge on future camp counselors.Sorry about the short post and the lack of details.I'm hoping to get a more detailed post up soon,and posts about other movie and TV characters that are at least believed to have Hydrocephalus.Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Wow Timothy I never looked at the movie like that! My daughter went to camp last summer for the first time and now I know why Rich Morell is considered on the of best. She said it was the most fun she ever had, thank you for sharing this with us!