Saturday, September 15, 2012

Media views on hydrocephalus:Billy Graham

I'm posting about famous people with hydrocephalus or characters with it whenever I don't have anything else to write about,or when I don't have a guest blog lined up for the week.This is my second time writing on this subject,and my first talking about a actual person.By posting about this person I don't mean to try to push my religion on people.He's just one of the first people I thought of when it comes to people with the public eye who has hydrocephalus.

Billy Graham is a well known Christian Evangelist,and one of the first to be well known with the general public.He started holding crusades and revivals in 1947 when he was 28 and continued doing them until he retired 6 decades later.His crusades are still held annually but now by his children and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.He is also known as a spiritual adviser for several presidents.When he wasn't a spiritual adviser he still had some kind of personal relationship with many others from Harry Truman to Barack Obama.

he also had a friendship with Rev.Martin Luther King and supported the civil rights movement when many Christians didn't.He did a crusade with him in New York City with him in 1957,and bailed him out of jail after demonstrations in 1963.

Billy Graham was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus in 1992,but it still hasn't been well known in the  2 decades since.His shunt wasn't placed for several years,but when it was it helped with the symptoms of his Parkinson's.It was another several years before he had to have a revision in 2008.Since then he's continued to have health problems,but that's normal for someone his age.Unless it hasn't been in the news he hasn't had to have another revision in 4 years though.

I'm not sure what any future topics are going to be yet,so I may write more on this subject more during the several weeks,and I'm hoping to have others do guest blogs.Thanks for reading.

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