Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reasons for not being able to write as consistently right now..

I've been writing this blog for about close to 2 years, and I've been posting at least something every other Friday since the start of this year. Before that I had taken a break for a few months when I was stressing out about work too much and pretty much dropped everything I had been doing at the time. I might be hitting that point but with medical problems this time. I'm not going to discuss any of it here. People can access my blog simply by looking up my name on Google, and I don't want to talk about it much on a page where everyone can see. It might sound silly considering how much I've written about my past and some current struggles, but that's the past and I at least don't feel people could use that against me now much. When I've spoken about current struggles it's usually things where the people who may know me or maybe have only met me a few times can use it to understand me a little bit better. Yes, it can be held against me and be used in a negative way but because it would only be the way I'm treated as a person I'm willing to take that risk. With medical problems it's something I'll rather keep it between people I'm close enough and trust enough to be Facebook friends with, and also others with the same condition but I'll still only give them a certain amount of information unless it's someone I've gotten particularly close to.

I don't want to stop writing altogether during the next few months, but it might not be necessarily every other week like it has been for the last 10 months. I had a couple posts that was a couple days late but except for that I've been pretty steady. I understand that writing is something that you can only do when you feel like it, and most if not all of friends that write blogs or other blogs don't do it on specific days so people who read it on a regular basis can get a idea of when to look for a new post. The Hydrocephalus Association and other foundations may, but I haven't been following their blogs very closely and haven't paid attention to when they post. Of course there's nothing wrong with posting just whenever you think of something to write, or as soon after as possible rather it's finding of time or just finding the desire to write. Posting on specific days was a idea that was brought up to me when I first got the idea to write a blog, and was asking for feedback from Facebook friends.

Considering you have to want to write to really do it, then I'm pretty impressed that I've been able to be this consistent with about 20 straight posts every other week, give or take a day since my last hiatus. Of course a few of these posts were guest blogs and others were ideas that I've gotten from others. As long as I still have ideas floating around in my mind, getting ideas from others and I have friends who are willing to write something once in a while I don't plan on stopping writing this blog completely any time soon. Medical problems might keep me more behind at some point, but if I know I'll need to take a hiatus again at any point because of it or other problems I'll try to post about so it wouldn't just been a sudden stop. I know people have many reasons to stop writing their blog but with a few of the blogs I've found I've noticed that they just came to a sudden stop a while before without any explanation at all. Of course people have reasons for a sudden stop like that, but it's something I'll rather do differently. I realize that people find my blog all the time because one of the posts show up in a search they do on Google, or on other transferring sites. I rarely get new followers at least that I know of but if they do or they just go digging through my other posts I'll rather not have them wonder.

By the time I had remembered to write it was the day after I normally post and I knew I wouldn't have much time to sit down and write something for another few days, forget thinking of a topic and doing research ahead of time. Thanks for reading and I hope that I'll be able to get back on schedule for my next post on the 2nd of next month.

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