Friday, February 7, 2014

Connection between childhood bullying and social anxiety as a adult

I'm going to try to start posting every third week instead of every other week for a while. If that doesn't work well either I'll take a break from writing again. I've made commitments that has to do with Hydrocephalus and social media, I intend on keeping them but other than that I'll like to try to start thinking on the condition less even if dealing with headaches, the way people see me and my speech impediment makes it pretty hard not to. This post has to do with the way people see me, or at least the way that I think people see me.

I can't remember when I started having social anxiety, but I know I had it when the physical bullying stopped close to the end of the 4th grade. I get noticeably anxious in a way, where especially I'm in a group of people that I don't know well that I do what I can to avoid socializing. It also makes me paranoid of what people think of me, and usually gives me the impression that people are picking on me or making fun of me when they're not. If they are it makes me overreact often. Anxiety problems in general has also had an effect on my sleep. I realize that a lot of people have problems sleeping because of anxiety but it's something that's been a constant with me since at least high school a decade ago.

I thought that it was caused directly by Hydrocephalus until about the last year or so. I found on talking a few others and sharing experiences with each other, most of them people that I've met online because of Hydrocephalus but not all of them. I've heard about anxiety disorders, especially Post traumatic stress disorder being the most common, but most of the time it had to do with domestic violence and experiences in the military overseas. I didn't consider it being really traumatic until thinking about my past more recently. It was a pretty constant thing during the school year, and off and on I was being physically hurt during the experiences. Unless something happens or someone says that really reminds me of something that happened I've blocked out in my mind too.

Thanks for reading, this is something that has been bothering me a lot often and I needed to get it out rather or not it was time to write a post. I've got some ideas that I've meaning to work on, but most of my posts are probably going to be more ranting than anything in the near future.

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