Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Phoenix Hydrocephalus walk 2014/ Great Pumpkin Race 2014

I haven't written any posts in about 6 weeks because I went out of state for a couple weeks for the wedding of one of my closest friends. I missed the first post for August because it was a few days before I left and I was busy getting ready and I missed the second because I was in Iowa and it would have been really difficult to write a blog post with my phone. I've been keeping track of my statistics and I've noticed that there has been a couple people looking for information on the Hydrocephalus walk in Phoenix next month (I live a couple hours away in Tucson). I'm also going to include another Hydrocephalus (neurology in general) related event the weekend following the Hydrocephalus walk in Tucson.

There has been at least a Hydrocephalus walks in Phoenix before but it's been a couple years since the last one and all the previous ones were at the Phoenix Zoo. This year it's going to be at the Steele Indian School Park at Central and Indian School Park (300 east Indian School Road). I've never lived in the area and except for family reunions I've only been there a handful of times so I decided to check out the area online and figure out where I'll be staying and how to get there. The Steele Indian School Park is at the location where the Indian School in Phoenix was for many decades and if you don't drive or want another option other than driving the Metro Valley Light Rail has a stop right at Indian School and Central. The walk is October 4th and registration starts at 8:30am with the walk starting at 10am.

The Great Pumpkin race is going to be in the Tucson area on October 12th. It's a 5k at Buckelew Farms that raises money for the Hydrocephalus Association too. The person that puts the race together each year is Thomas Tronsdal who has a son with Hydrocephalus. The race starts at 8am with a kids race at 7:30am. Buckelew Farms is outside of Tucson at 17000 West Ajo Highway.

The links below provides information for registration for both events. Also for information about the Valley Metro Light Rail. There's no public transportation that will get you to the Buckelew Farms area and there is no hotels/motels really close that I know of but there are many on the connecting interstates that's close by (I-10 and I-19). I used different colors for the link so there would be less confusion about which links are for which events. The Phoenix Hydrocephalus walk is in red, Great Pumpkin race is in blue and the Valley Metro light rail information is in purple. Thanks for reading.








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