Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Phoenix Hydrocephalus Walk

Last year was the first that I participated in anything that has to do with my condition,other than a couple one on one conversations with people who also have the condition.Everything else has always been online.Last year other than signing up,I ended up putting everything off because of how much I worked last spring and summer.The result was going up to Phoenix,and going to the walk alone.This year I'm planning ahead,I've already signed up 8 months ahead of time.In the next few weeks I'm gonna start working on getting a ride up there,and getting other people signed up.Also I'm gonna try to figure out new ways of raising money while still in Tucson,and also using the ways that I was raised money last year.I encourage others to find a hydrocephalus assoc walk if you live in the states.It's not only a great feeling being able to raise money,but it's also a great experience to go to the walk itself,and be around people who know deal with the same things that you do.

If you don't have hydrocephalus or even if you do and you don't have a walk in your area,I'm asking if you could donate if you can.I won't ask too much on my blog,maybe again later in the year.Thanks for reading.

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