Thursday, March 1, 2012

sleeping in general,from person experience..

I don't much about this subject when it comes in hydrocephalus is general.I know it may or may not have something to do with hydrocephalus.I haven't had a sleep study yet personally,but I know that some have a sleeping disorder but some can't find anything with it.Having sleep problems is common with people with hydrocephalus,but not everyone.It all just depends on the person.

Personally it's something I didn't consider having to do with the condition until I started meeting others with it,and we began to learn about what we have in common.When I was a little kid I didn't have any problems,or at least none that I remember.For me it's a problem that started at the start of puberty,which is a whole different story and a more personal one.During that time I was a sleep walker,and did it almost every night.That wen't on for several years but it came to a sudden stop my senior year.Since then I've had problems falling asleep,and then once I do unless I'm in "crash mode" I can't get to the last step of sleep.This causes me to move around me,as in more than anyone should.Also more lately I can be woken up easily,then I have alot of trouble getting back to sleep.Not being able to get back to sleep isn't really new,but I was the kind of kid who could sleep thru,including a couple drug busts only a couple apartments down :)

I plan on going in for a sleep study,but I'm not sure when yet.When I do that I'll write about it,and then about the results.Thanks for reading.


  1. I got hydro as a result of an ATV accident in which I sustained massive brain/skull trauma. I have the same sleep problems. I was scheduled for a sleep study, but got stomach flu the day before. I did not reschedule. I see my neurologist in a few weeks, and will ask him if he still would like me to get the polysomnogram. My wife expresses concern about my abnormal sleep habits. All I know is that sleep isn't that great anymore.


  2. i only get 6hrs sleep maximum at night.. im already very lucky if i reach 6hrs. result: i tend to be narcoleptic during the day. i only experience hypnic jerks esp. when i nap in the afternoon. i dont know if it has anything to do with hydro tho. i wish to have better sleep quality bec. im running every morning and if i dont good sleep quality it affects my runs.