Friday, December 28, 2012

getting back into writing my blog..

This is the first blog post I've posted in two months.Unlike last year after melon season I continued to work a lot still and I was really getting burned out.On top of that I was in a stressful situation that at work that I won't go into detail about for respect for the company that I work at.I was having a hard time coming up with subjects,along with everything else that was going on I was having trouble coming up with new topics.I wasn't able to post on a regular basis so I decided to take a break until things got back to normal and so I could think of some subjects.

This week I'm changing positions but staying the same department,store and company.Instead of being the main person doing cut fruit at the store (parfaits,fruit trays,slices,cored pineapples etc etc) I'm going to be closing most of the week in the Produce department and doing back up for the person whose taking my place.It's not guaranteed it will be permanent yet,but I have faith in my co worker and high hopes.Along with the change of position,comes a lot of pressure off my back so I can focus on other things.It's less hours too but it would be good to have a break so I can focus on my health so I can feel better soon.

For the time being I plan to talk about the same subjects I have in the past,but any suggestions would be great.I'm going to post every other week and hopefully on the same days or before then.I'm gonna have to build up a following,and I feel bad for losing anyone who read this blog with the help of social media.

My purpose of writing is the same,and from talking to people I know I have been successful.If you haven't seen my first couple posts and started reading I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at 17 months,but have gone 25 years with no revisions.I wen't 22 years with barely any problems,and 18 years without having to have a CT scan. I've had to struggle with some things that's not exactly common with people with the condition,but also things that are that isn't really well known.My blog is to help get the word out about these things and other topics that have to do with Hydrocephalus that hasn't been put online as much as it should be.Also so I can do my part in raising awareness for Hydrocephalus. I've succeeded in doing this,and hope to make a even bigger impact this year and the years to come.

In the next couple months I'll be talking about Hydrocephalus related events I've participated in during the last couple of months and others and foundations planned for the future.Also guest posts and more about subjects I've posted about before,thanks for reading.

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  1. Im so Proud of you Tim ! ... getting the word out about Hydrocephalus and other issues in your life.

    way to go Brother !