Saturday, January 12, 2013

One year ago..

One year ago,I posted my first entry for my blog.A friend/co-worker had seen some of my facebook posts and he inspired me to go bigger,even write a book.It was the first time I was going to sit down and write something in at least a few years,and I didn't know where to start let alone write a book.I knew that writing a blog was the best option but I don't know much that I could write about on a regular basis.I ended up picking "neurological disorders",because rather it's recognized or acknowledged at all it's something that's effected me in every day my whole life.I may not know as much as others,but I have learned a lot about it during the last few years.There's also a lot I know about it that I didn't have to find out from other people with the same condition that I have,or other sources.While most of what I dealt with growing up was a mystery to me.I knew that a lot of it had to do with my neurological problems,rather I knew what it was exactly or not or even if I didn't have proof.I also want to continue to find out more about brain injuries and the specific neurological disorder that I have.I wanted to help others,and reach out to parents of kids with Hydrocephalus specifically but also others living with it.During the last year I've met my goals for this blog,and I hope to continue educating myself and others.I'll like to write a book eventually once I can focus on it,and gather enough accurate info for the subject that I've picked.For the time being I wish to keep the subject a secret,except for those that I'm the closest to.

If you haven't followed my blog at all and either recently or just now found it I have a neurological condition called Hydrocephalus.Hydrocephalus means "water on the brain" and it's basically a back of cerebrospinal fluid in and around the brain.1 or 2 out of every 1000 babies are born with this condition,and many others develop later on in life.Causes of hydrocephalus after birth include other neurological disorders,head injury,sickness or unknown causes.In my case,the cause is unknown and no one knows if I was born with it or not.I started showing mostly rare symptoms of it as a infant,but because of that I wasn't diagnosed until I was 17 months.Since then I've gone 25 years without needing a revision,22 years of barely any noticeable problems with my shunt and had a 18 year period where I had no CT scans.I only needed to see my neurosurgeon once in that period of time and wen't several years without any contact with him needed.The lack of surgeries or even hospital visits is the reason why I decided to do my blog on everyday experiences instead,because what most kids with hydrocephalus experienced was all foreign to me.

Before I stopped writing a few years before I started this blog,I had almost always wrote on a regular basis in one form or another since the 3rd grade.I had a teacher that changed my mindset on writing from something that I hated doing and always tried to get out to something that I could get really creative with and enjoy doing.Rather or not I was given a vague subject or if I could pick something out I was enjoyed it all the way through my senior year.I probably put the most effort in it than other subjects,and I was normally a overachiever when it came to writing.Near the end of high school and until I got my first job,I put a lot of the anger and other emotions into poetry.At first for English projects and then as a hobby after high school just because it was something that worked.For a few years after high school I continued writing either when writing e-mails or on my "Myspace blog".But as I started to get into Facebook I used my Myspace account less and less.Because of a lot of the people I knew joining it too,I no longer felt the need to contact on a regular basis with E-mail with them either.

Thanks for reading,I hope to have another year of researching and writing.I also hope that rather or not this is your first time reading or you've been keeping up with my blog for a while that you will be able to learn something,or a lot this year.

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