Friday, November 29, 2013

Noise sensitivity

I'm going to keep it short. I don't remember when I first became aware of being more sensitive to noises but I knew I was in Junior high. At the start at one of the school years we were each given a assignment organizer with a plastic cover, or a similar material. When we got them a lot of the other kids scratched them to make a similar noise to fingernails on a chalk board. I could barely stand it, but I at least don't remember showing it. With the assignment organizers it also reminded me of how hard it was for me (and still is) to stick to a routine. I associated both with Hydrocephalus, but I wasn't sure how exactly. Sticking to a routine has to do with Nonverbal learning disability but the noise sensitivity might have something to do with the shunt itself. It's common with people with Hydrocephalus but there are many who don't have that problem. The most known noises that are more of a problem is high pitched noises and sudden loud noises. People react to it differently, with some the reaction has to do with the shunt itself. Some get headaches, but others get anxiety like I do. It may go away after childhood, but not with everyone. Thanks for reading.

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