Friday, March 13, 2015

Traveling alone with Hydrocephalus (and getting back into writing my blog)

This is the first post that of several that I'm backlogging so when I do eventually post this it will be at least a month or two after I actually wrote it. I got burned out but kept on posting for a while after usually not actually posting something the day or even week that I had planned to. When I went on the adventure this post is about I ended up abandoning this blog altogether and have only written one substantial post since July. I enjoyed not having to think about it on a regular basis to keep on top of it and I plan on writing it now in a way that I don't have to anymore.

In August I spent two days traveling via Greyhound bus from Arizona to Iowa and then back two weeks later to be with one of my best friends for his wedding day. I wasn't told I couldn't fly and I haven't been given the impression from my neurosurgeon that it would be in the past. I am however having shunt problems and the idea of that and elevated pressure made me feel uncomfortable. Also not counting meals taking the Greyhound is usually half the price of flying. Some people with shunts have problems with flying but others have flown many many times without having a problem. If you want to know if you can fly or not your neurosurgeon would be your best source the majority of the time.

The other problem was that it was my first time traveling out of state (I've gone up to Phoenix a few times alone prior). I really didn't want to bring it up to random people I sat by on the bus or especially in stations so I got a medical id bracelet instead. If something went very wrong my bracelet would have been noticeable and I had all my contact info in my wallet. Of course it would be more risky for people with other conditions like epilepsy for example or if their shunt malfunctions more on a regular basis. I made it up there safe and really got to unwind for a couple weeks.

My anxiety level because of the smallness of the town and not knowing other people except for the two people I was visiting and a few others I met while up there, I'm sure it would have had the opposite affect with some people. I felt noticeably better when I was up there except for allergies because of the lack of pollen in Arizona, and I slept better. I made it up there and back safe and I took advantage of the medical id by going alone to the Hydrocephalus walk in Phoenix in October.

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