Friday, September 18, 2015

Hydrocephalus awareness month, Phoenix Hydrocephalus Walk and Great Pumpkin Race (in Tucson)

I haven't posted in a month and a half, and I'm probably be going to write a little less frequently again. I have some backlogging done and a list of topics I'll like to research and write about in the near future. I'm not gonna be posting the backlogs yet because I want to go back and rewrite because I'm confident that I can make them better. When it comes to writing and rewriting posts I've started putting it off again because I don't want to rush through posts, and have them lack in quality. I also want to keep my mind on other things instead of Hydrocephalus, which includes losing the desire to write about. I'm going to try to start another blog about other things that interest me so writing about Hydrocephalus wouldn't be a buzzkill.

I've still been keeping up with my blog stats, so I still know which posts are frequently the most popular and which keywords people are finding my blog by. So I'm going to talk a little bit about each of the 3 main topics that people have been searching for and only finding older posts.

The first is Hydrocephalus awareness month which is the month of September. I usually post a lot this month on my personal Facebook but I've only posted anything Hydrocephalus related at all this year because of the same reason that I haven't been writing. There's several Hydrocephalus foundations that are doing some pretty cool things this month mostly via their social media pages. I'll leave links for a few of them below so you can check out what they're doing or if you need help from them.

There's many Hydrocephalus Association walks each year but I only post about the one in Phoenix because it's the one closest to me, and usually the one that I attend every year. In previous years it's be held at the Phoenix Zoo and last year it was held at Steele Indian School Park. This year it's going to be at Freestone Park in Gilbert on October 24th. If you're like me and you have to take public transportation to get there, there's about a one mile walk (it might be a little shorter) between the closest bus stop and the park. From what I can tell by Google Maps there's a sidewalk that goes all the way from the bus stop to the park.

The closest hotels are along Superstition Freeway and about 4 or 5 miles away. From what I'm able to find there's not really any hotels on the nearby bus routes but there are some over near the Superstition springs center in Mesa. There's a transit center at the mall that has a bus take will drop you off close to the park. There's also buses that stop at that transit center that will take you to and from the Mesa Greyhound station, one that will connect you to the Light rail and a express bus that will take you to Downtown Phoenix. There's a handful of hotels to pick from in that area with plenty of restaurants, grocery stores and a mall. There's plenty of hotels to pick from on the Superstition highway with restaurants spread out and there's a couple clusters in the same area that has several restaurants in one shopping center.

The Great Pumpkin Race has been held in Tucson every year since 2006, and this year it's going to be October 11th at Buckelew Farm, I found out about it after I connected with the organizer Thomas Tronsdal on Facebook after seeing a post he had made on a Phoenix Hydrocephalus Walk page. I had been speaking to other people with Hydrocephalus in other States and even other Countries but he was the first from the same city. In previous The Great Pumpkin Race has benefited the UMC Neurological department and the Hydrocephalus Association but this year it will benefit The Arizona Center for Autism.

The Great Pumpkin Race is held at Buckelew Farm which is West of Tucson on Ajo Highway. so public transportation isn't a option. Breakfast is usually included at the race and there's other food and drink that can be bought at the Farm. There's a fun kids race before the 5k, and a free pumpkin comes is included in registration.

There's a few restaurants close by on Ajo Highway between the farm and getting back into town. If you're coming from out of town and need to somewhere the night before there's no hotels that I can find in the area but there are many that you can choose from in Tucson.

Below are links to both events and their Facebook pages.

Phoenix Hydrocephalus Walk

Great Pumpkin Race Facebook event page

Phoenix Hydrocephalus Walk Facebook page

Great Pumpkin Race

Below are links for some notable Hydrocephalus foundations that have things going on this month,

Hydrocephalus Association Website

HA Facebook

HA Twitter

HA Instagram

HA Google+

HA Youtube

Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation Website

PHF Facebook

National Hydrocephalus Foundation

NHF Facebook page

Hydro Angels Over America

HAOA Facebook Page

HAOA Twitter

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