Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ending my almost year long blogging hiatus ;)

I'm currently using up leftover vacation time at my work so I don't lose it before my anniversary date, and since the plans that I had didn't work out, I figured it would be a good time to at least try to restart my blog. I haven't written anything in almost a year for multiple reasons. My laptop fried shortly before I went on hiatus, and instead of getting it fixed it or buying a new one I decided to just go without one for a while. Instead I decided to get a tablet and use my family's PC if I really need to. I can be on my feet all day at work, and function fine but I have a hard time sitting in front of the computer for a couple hours to write.

I also stopped writing because I was burned out with it. Except for one other shorter hiatus I had been writing once or twice a month, and trying to do so at the same time every month. When I first started blogging I was encouraged to keep a pattern of that times that I posted, instead of posting sporadically. Reading other blogs, I've noticed that most people post sporadically. The people who do post in more of a pattern or even on a regular basis are professional bloggers, and I'm definitely not. When I stopped writing, I was also burned out on the topic.

I picked hydrocephalus to write in the first place because I knew that I wouldn't be running out of topics easily, and it's something that I have to live with it. The disadvantage is that it caused me to overthink things on a regular basis. So in order to try to avoid letting this blog to have a negative effect on me, and trying to push myself to think of topics and write in a certain time frame I've decided to just post whenever I'm ready, which could be a few days or several months apart. More than often I'll be writing to get things off my chest that I don't think would be interrupted right if I posted it as a Facebook status instead. But I also plan on writing on topics as it comes to me. I also have multiple posts that I was working on when I stopped blogging. So they've been in my drafts for a year or longer. I'm going to go back through and rewrite some of those, and then just scrap others. I'm also going to spend more time writing each post so it will be more than scattered thoughts.

This post is pretty scattered, but I did at least have a good idea of what I was going to write before I started. I did also end up writing a lot more on a topic that I've covered almost every time I've taken any kind of hiatus, so I'm going to cut it short because my next post is probably going to be a long one. The reason that I try to not really long posts/articles is because I have trouble reading really long articles etc. in one setting, especially if I intend to remember the majority of what I'm reading. That most likely has to do with my nonverbal learning disability, and probably from Hydrocephalus itself too. I assume that the majority of the people that read my blog found it via search engines or social media because they have similar medical problems. So I don't want to cause the same problems that I personally try to avoid. Thanks for reading :)

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