Wednesday, June 20, 2012

importance of brain trauma awareness/research

One of the main reasons I started my blog in the first place is to write about my experiences on how hydrocephalus has effected me,more than in childhood than recently.Unlike many others I've had the same shunt since I was first diagnosed as a toddler,so most of what I write about is about dealing my with brain injury and everything that came along with it.When I say that I have a brain injury you may think that it means I was in some kind of accident.For me and many others,it's actually something I was born with or acquired soon after.I have mine because of hydrocephalus,which is a build up of spinal fluid in the skull and brain.I have a shunt,which is a tube and valve that  drains the fluid.The shunt causes some problems as well,but the neuro disorder and the brain surgery that was done to help control it has effected me too.You can't poke at someone's brain and not have long term side effects,no matter the age.Even if the person hasn't developed skills yet doesn't mean they won't have problems with them when the time comes.It also effects each person in different ways,so not every case in the same.Below  is a few links,and thanks for reading :)

This is a link to a earlier post of mine that describes some of my personal experiences

the  next link is for a great source to anyone living  with a brain injury

the last is one of many hydrocephalus sources,but this one gives you the option of finding people in your area.

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