Monday, June 4, 2012


I haven't been writing much because of all the stress at work,so I've been forgetting to do a lot of things that I've struggled to do on a regular basis before.I'm going to talk about memory this week,because I know it's something that's hard to understand and more complicated than people may think.It's a common belief that it only happens with old age,and it doesn't help when it's something that's associated with a "invisible disease or condition".It's one of those things that don't always have to do with medical conditions and brain surgery either.For example one of my managers has similar memory as me,when it comes to excellent long term memory too but he has no medical history.
My memory is one of those things that I've always known was a problem,but I never associated it with having a neurological disorder because I don't remember having brain surgery and it was always just normal for me.I first realized that I have memory problems when I started going to a brigade type program when I was six.We each had to memorize a bible verse that was written on the white board,and they would erase one word at a time and we had to read it including the erased word.It wasn't a problem at first until more and more words were erased.By the end I couldn't remember what it said,and it would take me more help and at least a few more tries before I could remember it like everyone else.At the time I didn't think of it as having memory problems,because I wouldn't even have been able understand that.It was just something that made me different and made me struggle more,and I hated that.The second time  that my memory problems became more apparent to me was when I started junior high,at the same time that a lot of my other problems because more obvious.I had a hard time remembering what I had studied the night when I was taking the test,and if I managed to remember I couldn't remember it for much longer than that.After that the only major time that it has become real obvious is when I started working in Produce a little over a year ago,because of how much there is to remember.
When I say memory problems or short term memory loss a lot of people think of what I've already talked about or something similar.What people tend to not understand is that it can effect someone in a lot more of a major way,for me this includes constantly forgetting stuff,and having a very hard time trying to make and keep a routine.I've lost school supplies,a backpack,personal items and many many jackets because I tend to put something down,and then when I leave I forget I had it usually until it's to late,usually I don't remember until the next day.Up until a few years ago I only outgrew two sweaters,other than those I couldn't even making it one winter without losing a jacket.Some years I would lose two or three in one year.This included homework too,I would go home and I would just constantly forget to do it.Some habits that I couldn't keep sounds like it should have been really easy to remember to,like I would constantly forget to use my folders in school.I would just put it in my backpack and by the time I would remember about it,it would just be a crumpled up piece of trash in the bottom of my I assume that's where my lack of organization skills came from too.
I assume that my memory has to do with my problems with learning new things too.when learning something new I usually can't do it at all until someone shows me one on one.
The good thing is that along with bad short term memory,I have a real good long term.there's things I remember from when I was a little kid,or even a toddler.I'm good at remembering info about people,and if given the time I can remember large amounts of info,at one point as a kid I would memorize tv got to the point where my family started calling me the "human tv guide".thanks for reading,and hopefully I can write more sooner next time :)

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